Project moves along swimmingly

The revised Circular Head Community Wellbeing Centre plans will now progress to the next phase of detailed design with the target for construction to begin in the spring.

Update. Construction of the new Circular Head Community Wellbeing Centre may begin as early as September.

Circular Head Council has released revised plans of the facility following a final costing of the project.

Concept plans were released in December and following public input, revisions were made and the design progressed to preliminary design for costing based on the scope of the facility.

The detailed costing completed in February indicated the project would cost $12.8 million to construct. A review of the design and costs for building components was undertaken to find savings.

This review has resulted in reconfiguration of the facility. The revision had to be made to keep the key features: the 25 metre, six lane pool, program pool, and aquatic play and program rooms. The review also had to ensure that there would be no increase in operating costs as a result of the changes.

Key parts of the revisions include:

• Combining the program pool and aquatic play area into the one area and having these two spaces on the same filtration system. A major saving is that there is one less filtration system required. The 25m pool will be on a separate filtration system.

• Removal of one exercise room replacing with a larger program room with a partition to divide the two spaces.

• The clearance between the pool and wall on the northern side reduced back to three metres as originally designed.

• Reduction in width of the 25m lap pool to have lane widths of 2.25m wide lanes instead of 2.4m wide lanes. This was necessary as standard pool tiles meant the pool width had to match.

• This has reduced the width and length of the pool hall and reduced the total building area by approximately 400m² from the concept plans released in late December.

The savings have brought the project back down within budget.

These changes will result in a reduction in operating costs with less filtration system to operate and less volume of air in the pool hall needing to be heated and handled to control humidity.

These revisions will now be taken to the next phase of detailed design with the target of releasing for construction tender in the middle of the year for construction to commence September or October.

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