Problem intersection

Reduced traffic flow could cause motorists to become frustrated and impatient which could lead to an accident at the Brittons Road intersection, says Cr Jan Bishop. Picture: Paul Milton Butler.

Traffic. Confused motorists and a lack of uniform road rules within the Smithton township could see a major accident soon, according to Councillor Jan Bishop.

“One of the main intersections I have a concern with is the Brittons Road and Bass Highway link road leading to Tall Timbers,” Cr Bishop said on Monday.

“This lack of uniformity of road rules only causes drivers to become frustrated and impatient which could easily lead to a bad accident at this intersection because of the lengthy queues that are becoming a daily occurrence.

“With the biggest problem being vehicles are sometimes waiting in long lines as the vehicles ahead of them are turning right into the Bass Highway link road and then find they have to immediately stop and give way to the vehicles coming from the other direction and turning left into the slip road.

“I have mentioned this problem at a recent council meeting and the engineering department has said it would investigate it and consult with the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources and to see what could be done to better keep the traffic flowing.”

With the Christmas holidays looming, Cr Bishop does not expect to have an answer until the new year.

Meanwhile, a resident who was worried about a number of Irishtown roads with dairy cattle crossing them, high grass that needed slashing and a concealed road has put her concerns to Cr Bishop on Thursday.

“I went out today and have spoken to the person who had some worries about the roads and their safety and looked at the roads for myself.” Cr Bishop said.

“I agree some signage would be good, warning people to slow own and to be aware they are living in the country and need to take it a lot easier.

“There was warning signage at one cattle crossing but someone has stolen the signs.

“After investigating the resident’s concern I have put in a service request to council to investigate these matters and to get their recommendations.

“The next step is that the request will go to the Works Plus Department where the engineers will then go and investigate the site.

“But again, we will not get an outcome until after Christmas.

“Also people need to remember that when driving in the country and farming communities especially, they need to drive slower because of livestock and slow-moving farm vehicles too.”

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