Priorities and delivery

Labour Candidate for Braddon Justine Keay with Marrawah farmer Stafford Ives-Heres was in Circular Head last week meeting with locals.

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Politics. Labor Candidate for Braddon Justine Keay was in Circular Head last week to launch her campaign for the upcoming by-election. 

Meeting with voters at Time Out on Emmett in Smithton as well as throughout the region, Ms Keay said these connections are important to her as a representative of the region. 

“It’s about the things that I am doing today – talking to the people directly,” she said in Smithton last Thursday.  

“I can not be an effective representative if I don’t listen to what the community has to say. 

“It’s not about me talking to them, it’s about them telling me what their priorities are, what they need and what we can do better. Any feedback, for me, is a way I can go to federal parliament and tell these stories, give that feedback and develop policies with the Circular Head people in mind.” 

Among these policies and priorities, says Ms Keay, is investment in infrastructure, education and training, and health care. 

The upcoming by-election was announced following Ms Keay’s resignation from the House of Representatives in light of the High Court’s dual citizenship decision.

The Labor MP is a seventh generation Tasmanian who had made arrangements to renounce her British citizenship prior to being elected in July 2016.

“This is an opportunity for us, for both sides of politics to tell the people of Braddon what these priorities are and for them to make the informed decision,” Ms Keay said. 

Liberal MP Brett Whiteley will also contest the Braddon seat. 

“The Circular Head people know very, very well that at a commonwealth level, a federal level and a state level, this area punches well and truly above its weight,” Mr Whiteley said. “I want to see this community continue to thrive.” 

The Liberal MP said that the upcoming by-election would be dependant on priorities and delivery.

“Obviously any project that I consider has to have an economic benefit to it; it has to deliver jobs, it has to deliver more people in Circular Head, getting a paycheque, going home feeling proud of that, paying their fair share of tax and being a fully included member of this community with no sense that they might have to move further up the coast or even further afield.

“If I can achieve that, I will be a very happy former and hopefully new Member for Braddon.”

A Greens representative is also expected to contest the seat, however at the time of reporting had not been announced.

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