Principle of parenting

Gregg Sharman with wife Amanda and children Harriet, 10 months, and Theo, 3, are looking forward to spending Father’s Day together.

Life. Since joining the Circular Head community much has changed for Gregg Sharman.

The St Peter Chanel Catholic School principal shares how life has evolved in the past five years and the gift of parenthood.

The Wynyard resident has been travelling to Smithton daily since 2013 and says he is often asked about the commute.

“It is something that I am very much used to now,” he says, adding the lessons learned in his role and challenges faced have allowed him to become a more understanding and compassionate husband, father, friend and colleague.

Gregg and wife Amanda welcomed firstborn son Theo into the world three years ago. Now, they are looking to celebrate daughter Harriet’s first birthday in October.

“This time next year, Amanda and I we will be sitting down for kinder interviews,” he says.

“I’m currently interviewing families for kinder next year and now, as a father, have a greater understanding of the trust a family places in a school.”

A keen adventurer, Theo enjoys attending early learning programs and home daycare during the week as well as gymnastics, dancing, swimming and visits to the library.

“Harriet is much quieter than Theo,” says Gregg. 

“She is learning to crawl and is becoming much more independent.”

Convinced they were welcoming a second son into the world, Gregg says Harriet’s arrival was a heartwarming surprise.

“We were particularly pleased for my mother, who endured the challenges of raising three boys of her own, and was yet to experience one of her sons bring a baby girl into the world.”

Admitting sleep deprivation goes hand in hand with parenthood, Gregg says watching his children grow and reach new milestones is reward enough.

“Harriet is now giving more smiles and Theo’s behaviours are priceless at times.

“We both feel very privileged to have happy and generally healthy children.”

As weekends are reserved for time spent with the family, the Sharmans will often be found at local footy or cricket matches.

“Theo absolutely loves his time at both clubs,” says Gregg, who hopes to one day share the cricket pitch with his son.

While the Sharmans haven’t any plans for Father’s Day as yet, Gregg says the day will centre around family.

“Whatever we do, I’ll be giving thanks for the gift of life and freedom, spending it with my extended family that gives me so much.”

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