Pool update

A partial slab has been poured at the site of the new Circular Head Community Wellbeing Centre where the deep end of the 25 metre pool and adjoining balance tank will be upon completion. A second concrete pour is scheduled for later this month.

Progress. Update. The Circular Head Community Wellbeing Centre has a partial slab, denoting the new floor at the deep end of the 25 metre pool and the adjoining balance tank.

Locally supplied concrete was sent away to be tested to check compatibility. However these results were not available in time for this concrete pour and with concrete suppliers closing over the Christmas break, it was critical to the project to have this concrete poured in late December.

Concrete was brought in from Burnie using a supply that had passed specification testing for the Burnie Aquatic Centre.

The results of the testing will be known in time for the next planned pour of aquatic grade concrete in late January.

At the front of the existing stadium a ‘hold seal’ has been placed on the entry and carpark. This area will be asphalted sometime later this year with all accesses and carparks being completed at the same time.

The Smithton Sports Centre will be closed this month whilst structural bracing are fitted to the roof and paving is completed at the front entry.

From now until the middle of the year, in-ground works will be the focus and it will be around this time that the building walls and roofs will start to appear.


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