Pool report released

Council. Key findings and recommendations from Entura’s Circular Head Memorial Swimming Pool Investigation Report have been released.

Circular Head Mayor Daryl Quilliam said the updated assessment indicated the continuing decline of the facility and related equipment.

“I’m sure the community will agree that considering the recommendations of this and the previous report prepared in 2009, that it is important to proceed with continued consultation in regards to how we move forward.”

Cr Quilliam said the council will now be engaging with a wide cross-section of the community on the process of whether Circular Head wants and needs a pool, and if so, what it would look like.

He said in the interim, the Circular Head War Memorial Pool will continue to operate as long as practically possible and “as long as it is safe to do so”.

“We will also be providing tours of the pool so people can see the condition of the current facility for themselves,” Cr Quilliam said.



From the inspection, the main mechanical parts of the pool were found to be in suitable working order for the age of the components, with some in very advanced stages of plant life.

Critical items such as the heat pump, circulation pump and sand filter components seemed to be in good working order.

While Entura did not provide updated observations of the swimming pool walls and other underground structures, it reported that the findings of its 2009 study report (summarised below) remained valid.

Entura reported that the major above ground structures – the arch ‘Nissan Hut Hanger’ roof and the auxiliary building housing pumps, filters, balance tank, and so on – are showing deterioration, however, remain in satisfactory operational condition.

In summary, Entura recommended the following:

• Immediate replacement of the de-humidifier;

• Investigation into the installation of a suitable defrosting valve or equivalent for the 
heat pump; and

• For the integration and further investment in solar heating to help reduce operating costs in the long term.



In March 2009, Entura (then Hydro Tasmania Consulting) was commissioned to carry out an engineering study to evaluate the structural soundness of the pool.

From the 2009 study, the following recommendations were made:

• Consider leaving the pool open and commence planning for replacement of the pool. However, given the deterioration of the structure, this will present an operational risk for the council.

• Make modifications to the pool progressively to reduce the risks to users, and plan for ultimate overall replacement of the pool and surrounds. Higher priority items to address would involve removal and replacement of the roof, and the removal and replacement of the filtration tanks before other less critical pool infrastructure.

• Close the pool immediately and commence the planning process for its full replacement utilising the potential government grants. The cost to replace the pool was calculated to be in the order of $7.8 million with a 12 to 14 month construction period.

• Review the method of draining the pool by manually removing the plug.

At the time this report was presented, the council opted to proceed with elements of option two, which led to the previous discussion on the establishment of a proposed aquatic centre.

The council has put these concepts aside for further consultation with the community.



Full copies of both reports and the summary are available on Circular Head Council’s website at www.circularhead.tas.gov.au/yoursay


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