Planning scheme overturned

Council. At Thursday’s monthly meeting, Circular Head councillors banded to overturn a recommendation made in accordance with the Interim Planning Scheme.

Councillors present discussed the logic behind a scheme, referred to as “unpopular” and a “difficult process”.

A planning permit application was made to the council, to construct a single dwelling for resource development use at Montagu – located within a Rural Resource Zone under the Circular Head Interim Planning Scheme 2013.

The council’s planning officers recommended the council, acting as a Planning Authority, not allow a home to be built on the rural property prior to a farming operation being established, as per the conditions of the planning scheme.

The reasons: the dwelling was not found to be “integral” and “subservient” to the resource development use; the scheme does not take into account what is convenient or beneficial to current owners.

However, Deputy Mayor John Oldaker stood to suggest an alternative.

Admitting he was passionate about the topic, and that it was in the council’s mission statement to “care” for the community, Cr Oldaker asked others around the table to back him in overturning the recommendation, as per the scheme.

Cr Trevor Spinks agreed, adding it would allow the local couple to “provide prompt attention when animal husbandry is required”.

Cr Jeanie Murrell said the couple had been “to hell and back”, and Cr Jan Bishop said scheme was “questionable” and“bogged down” potential progress.

Councillors agreed in unison to go against planning recommendations and allow the couple to build a dwelling.

Councillors David Woodward and Ashley Popowski were absent on the night.

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