Patrick’s podium placing 

Gold. Diving into a pool at 5.30am on a cold winter’s day, three times a week has paid off for swimming sensation Patrick Roberts.

The 16-year-old captained the Burnie Amateur Swimming Club’s (BASC) squad at Swimming Tasmania’s ‘Northern Winter Regional Championships’ in Launceston on Sunday.

Taking to the water at the Launceston Aquatic Centre for seven events, Patrick swam for gold in six of those races, placing first in the men’s 15/16 100-metre individual medley, 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 100m backstroke, men’s open 400m freestyle and 200m backstroke. His team placed second in the freestyle relay.

“I never go into a race with an assumption of placing,” Patrick said.

“On the start blocks I think about the training I’ve done, I think about my coach and my mum watching – I want to do a good job for them too.

“I take in a few really deep breaths and just go!”

Joining the BASC seven years ago, the Marist Regional College student said his senior position on the team further motivated him to strive for excellence.

“I am captain of the team this year, so I feel that extra bit compelled [me] to set a great example, work hard and swim fast.”

Praising his three coaches and congratulating his peers, Patrick said, “Each [coach] brings something different to my training. It seems to work, as the BASC team as a whole is performing really well.”

His strengths lying with backstroke, Patrick is now working towards the state championships which will be held in Hobart in September and the Victorian Age Championships at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre in December.

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