Parking etiquette

It is becoming very frustrating the way able-bodied people continue to park in spaces set aside for people with disabilities who are unable to walk more than 50 metres unaided, that is with a stick, walker or for people who need a wheelchair to get about, who have been issued with special parking permits.

Application forms for these permits are available from Service Tasmania. Some able-bodied people park in these spaces saying they will only be a minute, or they are just popping in to a nearby shop. As far as I am aware, laziness is not a recognised disability.

I often wonder if these able-bodied people would be as eager to take our disabilities as they are to use our parking spots.

I don’t know if people without a permit are aware but there is a heavy on-the-spot fine if they are caught parking in any of these spaces.

Robert Palmer, Smithton

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