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Annette Dawes will perform on national television this Sunday as part of the Channel Seven program All Together Now.

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TV. Annette Dawes is a natural born performer.

The local singing sensation has had a career on the stage and now turns to the screen with the show All Together Now.

A familiar face thanks in part to her involvement with Forest Primary School’s Spice Kids, Annette has led the group for more than a decade.

Founded by Jean Rosevear, the group started as a small band of students wanting to sing.

At its peak, the group has featured as many as 70 students – about half the size of the current school – under the leadership of Annette and Gail Porteus.

The group has ventured out to perform at community events and walking tours of the town, attracting more and more interest.

It was Grand Final day for the Circular Head Football Association this year when two Edith Creek Primary School students approached Annette, asking to join in the singing of the National Anthem. 

This encouraging moment prompted her to put the call out to others to create a community choir, something for students of all schools to join.

The recently established Voices of Circular Head (VOCH) choir will meet weekly to learn all about performing and build a repertoire of tunes to share with the community.

“Music is such a powerful tool and if it is used in the right way you can engage [all] kids,” says Annette.

“Music is so closely related to literacy and numeracy: you’re reading lyrics, reading music, eye tracking from left to right but also when you break a piece of music down, it’s fractions and maths.”

After finishing up at Forest Primary School last term, Annette threw her energy into starting up VOCH to keep this relationship with students alive.

Now, taking a new direction in her professional life she is also open to new experiences all round.

Television time

A seasoned performer, she will take to the national stage this weekend on the Channel Seven television show All Together Now.

What began as a bit of a gag has blown up to be a memorable experience for the local icon. Scrolling through social media, Annette came across a call out to everyday Australians to audition for the new television show.

Binge watching clips of the original UK show, Annette fell in love with the program. 

“It’s a celebration of singing. It’s just people having a good time and hoping that they get 100 celebrity judges to stand up and sing with you,” she says.  

“I never ever thought I would do anything like this, but this was different because I didn’t see it as a competition. I saw it as people just getting out, having a go and having fun – and getting people to stand up.”

Participants perform for 100 celebrity judges and aim to entice as many as possible to stand up and sing with them.

Auditioning in Melbourne and filming in Sydney, Annette says it was a whirlwind experience.

“It was surreal, a weird feeling,” she says.

“The set blew me away, even standing there just doing soundcheck – the sound is massive.”

Then when it came to the main performance, Annette stood in front of six storeys filled with judges – an overwhelming sight.

Despite her nerves watching herself on television this weekend, she is proud of herself for taking the chance.


Annette’s performance on All Together Now will show on Channel Seven this Sunday (October 21) from 7pm. To catch up or re-watch the glitz and glamour of the series, go to www.7plus.com.au.


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