Harvey Kay (August 20, 1926 – March 7, 2014)

Harvey Kay

Obituary. Harvey Kay (August 20, 1926 – March 7, 2014) was a humble man dedicated to his community, as told by wife Margaret and friend Arnold “Screwy” Lane.

Harvey Kay was born in Smithton and attended Smithton primary and high schools, as well as Launceston Grammar.

At the age of 28 he married Margaret and two children, Christine and Nicolas, followed.

Many would know Harvey from his days working as a grocer at his father’s shop – HHK’s Grocery Store in Emmett Street.

He tried his hand at cane cutting for 12 months in Maryborough, QLD, and while he enjoyed that, he was soon back to working at the family business.

Over the years the grocery store would become a supermarket and Harvey would take over ownership, running a successful business until his retirement.

He also kept busy with his hobby farm at Togari – he used to go mustering cattle at Arthur River and had many good times there.

He absolutely loved Circular Head, and would never have thought to move from Smithton.

Friends Harvey and Screwy always celebrated their birthdays together with their “two Margarets”; their wives sharing the same name.

Harvey would say he was one day older – he seemed to forget the 10 years between.

Harvey was a most-valued member of the Rotary Club of Smithton, named a ‘Paul Harris Fellow’ in 1991.

His outstanding service and dedication were evident from the outset: he was a foundation committee member and a charter member when the club held its first dinner meeting on February 23, 1965.

He was the 1983/84 president and served on most committees.

Until his passing he was still an honorary member – loved and respected by all Rotarians.

After 15 years, Harvey finally convinced me (Screwy) to join Rotary.

There is one very special dinner meeting I will never forget – I had a small hiccup and Harvey was there to support me all the way.

When paramedic Allen Weller arrived, he asked Harvey to move, but Harvey refused and said ‘I have to breathe for Screwy’.

That’s what I call a friend.

Many will remember Harvey for his love of swimming and golf.

Soon after the swimming pool was officially opened by Dawn Fraser, the Circular Head Swimming Club was formed, and Harvey was its first ‘Life Member’.

Harvey and Margaret, along with other parents, gave their support to see the next generation of swimmers develop.

Many of those kids now in their 40s or 50s would appreciate the effort Harvey made for them.

Harvey was a former president of the club, and was appointed coach for about five years. The responsibility of being coach was enormous, as the club swimmers were very competitive throughout the state and most weekends saw them on a bus bound for Launceston.

Harvey was also a keen golfer. I don’t really know when he joined the golf club, but he would have seen three club houses burnt to the ground.

Harvey loved his golf and was a terror when playing with his mates, but also willing  to help out on the green.

He was a long-serving committee member, serving many terms on the sports committee, as well as chairman of the greens committee.

He was club captain a few times, and a good one at that.

When club manager Neil Wells passed in 1988 and the greenskeeper resigned, Harvey offered to manage the course until a new greenskeeper was found.

Many members got behind Harvey and kept the course well maintained.

Harvey also enjoyed bowling –  the game and the social aspect.

He was a great community man.


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