Next stop: defeating cancer

Bus drivers Kimbra Wells, Wayne Laughlan, Stuart Wells, Helen Timms, Colleen Hinds, Sadie Wells and Neville Wells are getting geared up for this year’s Relay for Life. Picture: Bodey Dittloff.

Community. The bus drivers at Wells Waggons are taking a break from gearsticks and pedals in the third weekend of March, stepping out as the ‘Bus Babysitters’ for a third year in the Relay for Life.

The team has been raising money from the moment the 2012 event came to a close with regular morning teas and raffles in the office.

Team leader Colleen Hinds revealed the reasons behind her team’s formation in 2010, following the impact of two staff members being diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Two of our drivers ended up with cancer in the space of two months,” she said.

“The first year [in the event] was very close to home for us.”

The staff have continued to build on the legacy left from their first entrance, with decorations, bus tyres and even a set of battery-powered school lights featuring in their marquee over the years.

Mrs Hinds said a roster to help schedule walking times for members is essential, but the main idea was to simply have fun.

“We’re pretty organised this year, it’ll all fall into place on the day,” she said.

“We nearly always end up with more food than we can eat!”

Team member Kimbra Wells mentioned the strong relationship between the drivers and their kids during school runs as the meaning behind the team name.

“We don’t ‘babysit’ the kids as such, but the drivers get a good rapport with them,” Ms Wells said.

What: Relay for Life

When: March 15 and 16

Where: Smithton Recreation Ground

For more information or to join a team contact Sue-Ella Thorp on 6452 1306.

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