Nelson Street

Traffic. Following discussion into the proposed reduction of the speed limit on Nelson Street in Smithton the area will undergo biannual monitoring.

Councillor David Woodward requested the speed limit be reduced from 60 kilometres per hour to 50km/h between the roundabout and traffic lights at Circular Head Council’s meeting in February.

Further discussion led to this proposal being withdrawn and investigation into a school zone surrounding the entrance to Circular Head Christian School commencing.

Between Wednesday March 29 and Wednesday April 5, the council installed MetroCount traffic analysers to determine traffic movement within the vicinity.

During this time, 34,507 vehicles were recorded in the area with 51.4 per cent travelling south and the remainder travelling north, averaging 59.8 kilometres per hour.

Of these vehicles, 14.55 per cent, or 5001 vehicles, exceeded the speed limit where the highest examples were during the hours of 4 and 5am. Lower speeds were recorded during the hours of 8 and 9am, and 3 and 4pm.

Pedestrian monitoring was also carried out on Monday March 27, with five pedestrians crossing Nelson Street and one crossing Grant Street in the monitored area.

Consultation with Tasmania Police and Department of State Growth was also carried out during the investigation.

At the meeting, Cr Woodward said he believed the current limit to be a public safety concern.

The investigation recommended that the council should withdraw any intentions or investigation into the installation of a school zone but continue to biannually monitor the area.

Cr Nakore Popowski said she believed this to be a positive step forward.

“This withdrawal does not stop us from looking into it in the future. By continuing to monitor the area we will gain sufficient evidence which can support any future decisions.”

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