Music about town

The affectionately named Dreaded Drummers of Stanley Primary School, led by Jan Krom, create music that is loud and exciting in preparation for the ‘That’s Classic!’ concert on during Circular Head’s Art About Town month of celebration this September.

Event. Classical music with a twist is what audiences can expect from an upcoming concert in Smithton.

‘That’s Classic!’ will see musicians come together to put on a show of classical music during Art About Town month this September.

Organising the event alongside Circular Head Council and fellow music teacher Josie Riches, Jan Krom said she thought a concert would be a fitting touch during Circular Head’s month for celebrating arts and culture.

The afternoon will showcase performances from a quintet from the Burnie Brass Band, led by former local Robert Bentley, plus local talents including Josie Riches, Jonathan Marshall and some of Jan’s students.

As well as six piano students, Jan will be accompanied by a group she has endearingly named DDSPS. Short for the ‘Dreaded Drummers of Stanley Primary School’, this grade five and six class has been drumming up a storm on big buckets, which Jan refers to as ‘synchronised drumming’.

“It is exciting, loud and really sounds great!” she said of their rhythm.

Jan said she hoped the day would put a special focus on classical music and a variety of instruments.

“We don’t get to enjoy many classical concerts in Smithton, there’s plenty of opportunity for vocalists and modern music.”

Instruments to be put in the limelight include the violin, banjo, guitar and piano.

“I’d like it to be informal,” Jan said of the day’s atmosphere, “friendly and warm because young musicians in particular respond better in informal settings.”

She also hopes audiences will be impressed with the quality of performances.

“This will be a marvellous concert!

“It will be a very lovely way to spend an afternoon. Maybe people will be inspired to take up an instrument, I think it will be inspiring for both young and old.”

That’s Classic! will be held at Smithton Seniors Centre, 3 Senior Drive, on Sunday September 25, 3-5pm.

Entry is by gold coin and afternoon tea will be supplied. To find out more phone Jan Krom on 0411 656 411.

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