Mum, this is for you

Amiti, 9, has won her mum Carolyn Dennison a special hamper by playing along in the Chronicle’s Mum’s the Word competition over the past five weeks. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

Gift. Nine-year-old Amiti has won her mum a special hamper for Mother’s Day but Carolyn Dennison knows who the real winner is.

“Being a mum is such a special gift,” Carolyn says.

“[It] is a sometimes hard but extremely rewarding job that you wouldn’t change for the world.

“I feel really privileged to be a mum to my three beautiful babies Logan, Amiti and Ty, and very blessed to have been a part of Tahli and Kade’s [lives] as their stepmum.”

Carolyn has won a hamper valued at $500 which includes a luxury edition Remington Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush from WT House Betta Home Living, the Mizzano by Showcase rose gold watch from Hingston Showcase Jewellers and hundreds of dollars in vouchers from {noun} a place for things, The Smithton Club, Nineteen22 and Lizzy’s This ’N’ That.

Adding to the luxurious package are gourmet truffles and a bottle of White Gold Moscato.

“Thank you to Amiti for entering and for all the businesses that put the awesome hamper together,” Carolyn said on Monday.

Amiti knows why her mum does all she does for her.

“I love my mum because she cooks me stuff, she buys me stuff and does my laundry so I have clean clothes.

“The reason my mum does this stuff for me is because she loves and cares about me and I care and love her too.

“And the only reason she growls and nags at me is because she wants me to grow up being happy, safe and beautiful and to care about my family and I’m glad I entered the Mother’s Day competition for my mum.”

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