Montagu Road needs attention

With the Gibson Street upgrade nearing completion I trust council will now focus on the desperate need to upgrade Montagu Road between the Duck River Bridge and the Mella Road junction.

The lack of maintenance over the years and the increasing heavy commercial traffic is having an exasperating impact on the homes in this residential zone.

Whilst high school students are enjoying the recent multimillion dollar upgrade to their school’s facilities, they are still – and have been for years – obliged to wade through ankle deep water to get on and off the school buses parked in the marshalling area on Montagu Road.

The dangerous condition of the grossly inadequate footpaths servicing the schools and this residential part of town is a disgrace and a sad reflection on council for allowing it to deteriorate to its present condition.

If there is a remedial action plan scheduled for this area, I believe the ratepayers should be informed.

The wide-eyed observer, Smithton

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