Montagu camping rates

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Fees. Circular Head Council has amended its Montagu Park Recreation Reserve fees following feedback from community members. 

A public meeting was held last week after a rise in rates was met with criticism.

The council proposed an increase in fees to $20 per night, $100 for the week, $250 for a month’s stay and $600 for a three month period.

At its monthly meeting on Thursday, the council considered feedback into the new fees before unanimously voting to reduce these rates for the 2018-19 period.

The minimum fee of $17 a night, $85 a week, $200 a month or $400 for a four month period now applies for up to two adults and three children.

General manager Scott Riley thanked community members for their input.

“The quantum of increase in each category was one of the key questions at the information session in terms of affordability,” Mr Riley said.

“Council has taken this into consideration and has found a mid point in pricing that will assist in affordability, but also help reduce the current deficit for the site.”

Mr Riley said six month reservations would also be available starting at $800. 

The council committed to involve members of the community in a working group to develop a five year plan for the reserve.

A caretaker will be on site during the peak season from November 1 to April 30, until a five year plan is established.

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