Mobile black spot areas

Funding. The Australian Labor Party will invest $2 million to address mobile black spots in the north west if it is elected at the next federal election. 

Prioritising Circular Head, West Coast and King Island, mobile black spot areas within the community will be identified based on community need. 

Labor Candidate for Braddon Justine Keay said consultation would be undertaken with residents, local and state governments, emergency services and mobile network operators. 

“We know that the lack of mobile connectivity is having a huge impact on our tourism sector and agricultural sector,” Ms Keay said. 

“I’ve met with dairy processors and farmers who have explained how the current network doesn’t meet their needs and is an impediment to business viability in the region.

“What we are proposing is to help connect more communities, more businesses, more enterprises to the mobile network so we can boost productivity, service communities and particularly provide emergency services to towns.

“Poor mobile reception is a serious safety issue. If Circular Head is to maximise its potential, we need urgent improvements to connectivity to improve workplace and community safety.” 

Ms Keay said areas of priority would be finalised following the election for work to begin soon after.

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