Medals of honour

Esteem. Two respected locals have travelled to Government House in Hobart to accept their prestigious medals.

Smithton Police Sergeant Lee-Anne Walters and Smithton Fire Brigade Life Member Leo Berechree made the trip on Friday to accept the Australian Police Medal and Australian Fire Service Medal presented by Tasmanian Governor Kate Warner.

The pair received their respective recognition in the 2017 Australia Day honours in January.

In announcing the awards, Governor-General Peter Cosgrove acknowledged the distinguished service of all recipients.

“The recipients of Australian honours and awards are very special men and women whose actions have set them apart and enriched our community across a broad range of professional, public and community service sectors,” Sir Peter Cosgrove said in his message.

“In their daily lives these admirable people demonstrate those values that we as a nation hold dear – compassion, civility, dedication, courage, kindness, tolerance, and energetic ambition.

“They inspire us all to be more enthusiastic and giving, to uphold the responsibility of being fully engaged citizens.

“On behalf of all Australians, I congratulate and thank all recipients of honours and awards, past and present. I highly regard your contribution and deeply appreciate your generosity of spirit. You are a source of motivation to us all.”

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