Mawbanna’s new lane

Circular Head Councillor David Woodward is thankful for the recent works at the turnoff to Mawbanna. Picture: Jelena Potpara.

Infrastructure. Councillor David Woodward is thankful State Government works at the Mawbanna turnoff are complete.

In a bid to improve safety at the intersection, the Bass Highway/Mawbanna junction upgrade included a new right-turn slot from the west-bound lane of the Bass Highway.

The addition of the turning lane means traffic needing to pull into Mawbanna Road can do so from a separate lane, and not slow traffic travelling on the stretch behind.

Cr Woodward first raised his concerns in 2011, urging the government to change the intersection before there was a fatality.

“We lived here for 25 years and being a resident here at times you were like a sitting duck . . . frightened,” he said on Friday.

He said the 100 km/h road was notorious for heavy traffic, with passenger cars, buses, and milk tankers among the vehicles using the turnoff.

The layout and linemarking works formed part of the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resource’s $1.5 million upgrade of the Stanley/Bass Highway junction earlier this year.

Cr Woodward said he “pushed for a slip lane” through the council and “thankfully DIER have done it for us”.

“It’s a great outcome. The safety side of it is 100 per cent to what it was,” he said.

“People feel safe to drive there now.”

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