Managing dairy farm finances

Program. Two new business courses are on offer for dairy farmers wishing to further manage their finances this year.

Provided by DairyTas, with help from Dairy Australia and the Australian Government, the courses are free to current dairy farmers.

The programs will involve a series of practical workshops to support farmers in gaining more knowledge and understanding around managing their financials and overall dairy business.

The initial financial management workshops aim to help farmers take the physical data and look at how that relates to budget and cashflow.

Beginning in February/March, the financial management workshops will involve an initial two-day session followed by two more days later in the year.

Covering basic financials and reporting, it is aimed at sharefarmers, managers and possibly owners as well as those aspiring to these positions who need a better grasp on managing their money.

The next level is the business management workshops for those with good financial and farm skills, who wish to develop and grow their business into the future.

It will suit farm owners and established sharefarmers.

Again, an initial two-day workshop is envisaged with a start time of March/April.

DairyTas chairman Cheryl McCarties said the courses are important in helping farmers take advantage of the business opportunities that dairy has to offer. She said it also helps to equip them for their future in the industry.

“With more dairy farms opening up in the future, we expect to see demand for skilled managers increase so we must support the career pathways for our existing farmers as much as we can.”

For more information, contact DairyTas on 6432 2233.

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