Managing assets paramount

Funds. Circular Head Councillor Jan Bishop knows the importance of managing assets in business.

With her business background in the timber industry and farming, she said it is vital to stay on top of finances and plan for the future.

With the council’s Draft Asset Management Policy now available for viewing and comment, Cr Bishop asked local ratepayers to take an interest in how the council looked after their money.

The council owns and uses about $200 million of non-current assets to support service delivery to the community.

The purpose of the policy is to ‘ensure sustainable provision of assets designed to meet the service delivery needs of the Circular Head community’.

Once reviewed, the policy establishes a framework for asset management, guiding the planning, construction, maintenance and operation of infrastructure essential in providing the needed services.

Cr Bishop said that as with any other business, it was important to have such plans in place.

“It’s like any business, it’s a big business,” she said. “If you don’t put these things into place, you’re not going to have good financial future.”

Cr Bishop described the council’s assets as “community assets”, funded with help from ratepayers.

Cr Bishop encouraged community members to provide feedback during the four-week consultation period, ending on Sunday August 10.

“This is why we have the consultation side of it,” she said, “We’d like more feedback. It’s more than welcome.”

To view the Draft Asset Management Policy go to

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