Management to meet needs

APCA. The Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area is in new hands with the re-establishment of its management committee.

The newly formed committee first met in March, and again earlier this month to discuss issues important to the APCA.

At the first meeting, held at Circular Head Council, all committee members were present along with regular representative from Parks and Wildlife Service, Nicolle Sherriff.

The committee comprises chair Lauchland ‘Locky’ Avery, Mayor Daryl Quilliam representing local government, Perry King representing recreational users, William ‘Willy’ Gale representing nature conservation, Peter Benson representing cultural heritage, and Ian Heres for business and appreciation of economic use for the area.

The meeting included a presentation from Nic Deka, PWS regional manager, to give the committee a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities, a background and historical perspective of the area and the committee.

“Many key issues were discussed,” says Mr Avery, and while acknowledging the closure of tracks was the most burning for many in the community, it was not the only one that management had to work through.

At the second meeting Andrew Harvey, project manager for the Public Environment Report for the Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area – Off Road Mitigation Actions, discussed what is required in a submission to the federal government to consider re-opening the closed tracks south of Sandy Cape.

Discussion was also held on recreational users over the Easter break, the parking issues at Gardner Point and problems experienced with tour buses and vehicles accessing the area, as well as the effectiveness of the Temma phone tower.

Mr Avery says most committee members have a lengthy connection to the area, with Mr King the only member who was on previous committees and his knowledge invaluable.

“The committee members bring a diverse range of experience and skills . . . which will be invaluable as the committee moves forward and tries to bring a balanced, sensible and inclusive approach to managing the area.

“The consensus was to represent the community’s views and as such the committee will be actively encouraging different stakeholders, interest groups and users of the area to approach any of the committee members to express their views.

“We will be encouraging those interested to arrange a time to attend meetings to offer presentations so committee members may gain a better understanding of the differing and at times competing priorities for the area.”

To contact the committee, phone 6457 1225 or email The committee encouraged anyone who observes vandalism or illegal use in the APCA to call the PWS hotline on 0419 976 028.

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