Malachi’s mighty motocross moment 

Success. Malachi Sheehan has the potential to become a champion rider if his first year of racing is anything to go by.

The eight-year-old placed second in both the 2015 Tasmanian Endurance Riders Club (TERC) grass track series and in the Enduro series, receiving two trophies at a presentation day in Spreyton on Sunday.

Riding in the Peewee B category on his trusty Honda CRF 50, proud father Michael Sheehan has been alongside Malachi and eldest son Jamisen throughout the journey.

“[Malachi] lives, eats and breathes motorbikes – it drives me nuts,” Michael joked.

Other local first-year TERC riders include Kali Cooper, Crystal Stanley, Will Cooper, Jarra Walker, Jamisen Sheehan, Jake House, Thomas Charles and Tyler Pedder who competed throughout the February to October season.

“Jarra Walker got the President’s Award . . . To see how he progressed and improved throughout the year – he just didn’t give up,” Michael said.

“All the first years did a great job with points . . . All riders finished every race.

“It’s hard work endurance rides, the kids are riding for an hour-and-a-half to two hours, it’s a long period of time and even holding the bikes up is tough.”

Earning the points to place second, Malachi will go up a grade to Trail C next year riding a 110 bike. “He just loves it.”

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