Making a statement

Jo Jolly recently took part in the World’s Greatest Shave, saying the public response has been “incredible”.

Support. Smithton local Joanna Jolly may be feeling the chill on her newly shaved head but in her heart, she is filled with warmth.

Last month, Jo took part in the World’s Greatest Shave to raise awareness of the hardships that cancer sufferers and their families face.

Her three-year-old daughter watched on and even helped local hairdresser Abbie Poke with the task.

Prior to the shave, Jo made a statement: “Strength, courage and bravery have all been words used to describe this event, and others like it. To me, true strength [is] facing the world when you don’t feel like getting out of bed. To me, courage is looking your loved one in the eyes and telling them your true and honest feelings.

“Finally, bravery is making decisions that potentially will impact your life permanently.”

In her role at Rural Health, she hopes to reach out to as many community members as she can.

“Living with cancer and supporting someone with cancer is life-changing, and can be extremely isolating and lonely.

“Support is always available and there are people who care and want to make a positive impact through your journey.”

Jo thanked everyone who supported her personally or the event. 

“The generosity and public response has been incredible. Most importantly, people are talking and acknowledging the struggles those diagnosed with cancer face.” 

To date, Jo’s shave has raised more than $2800 for the Leukaemia Foundation. To donate, visit and sponsor Joanna Jolly.

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