Lucky escape

The scene of Friday’s accident in which the 21-year-old driver escaped with minor injuries.

Accident. An international driver has escaped with only minor injuries after losing control of his vehicle and fully laden trailer on Friday morning.

Emergency crews were called to the Bass Highway, 500 metres west of the Circular Head Lawn Cemetery, about 11am.

The male driver, 21, is currently working in Circular Head and was heading east on the Bass Highway when the accident occurred.

Smithton Police Sergeant Lee-Anne Walters attended the scene.

“There were two people in the vehicle towing a trailer and it went to overtake a truck which was travelling about 80km/h,” she said. “Both were laden.”

As the driver attempted to overtake, the trailer started to sway and then jack-knifed.

“The driver of the truck saw that in the side mirror and braked heavily which then allowed the car and the trailer to go sideways over the road and avoid hitting the truck,” Sgt Walters said.

“If it wasn’t for his (truck driver) quick actions, the injuries could have been worse.”

Ambulance officers treated the driver at the scene.

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