Lucky 300 games

Redpa Football Club teammates carried Rocky Poke off the ground following his 300th game with the club on Saturday.

Milestone. Etching his name in Redpa Football Club history, Rocky Poke has become the third person to play 300 games.

He joins Ross Hine and Dean “Dino” Nicholls in reaching the milestone, who collected 302 and 385 games respectively.

Joining the club alongside brother Ken Poke in 1997, Rocky has held roles on the committee for many years, including vice president.

In 2011, following 200 games, he became a Life Member to the club and from 2011 to 2013 he coached the Reserves side.

His recent milestone was earned during his club’s Circular Head Football Association Reserves clash with Irishtown on Saturday.

Playing in front of a home crowd, Rocky says it was a memorable moment to secure a goal despite the 32 point loss.

“It wasn’t something I thought a real lot about before the day,” he admits, “but I was a bit nervous.”

Supported by wife Amanda and their three children Georgia, Calvin and Hamish on the sideline, Rocky was joined by his kids in running through the banner.

“It’s always been a good family club . . . I’ve always enjoyed playing footy with my mates.”

While he remains undecided as to the future of his football career, Rocky says the longevity of the Redpa Football Club is undeniable.

“Being involved with the club, this is my 21st year, I’ve seen the highs and lows of the club. We have struggled a bit at times but we always bounce back.”

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