Look Out, Think Ahead

At the launch of the Look Out, Think Ahead campaign are Circular Head Council’s Deb Mainwaring and St Peter Chanel students Caleb Cole, Bailey Grey and Adrianne Luceno. Picture: Jodie Saville.

Road Safety. Circular Head Council’s newest road safety campaign was launched last week.

Mayor Daryl Quilliam officially launched Look Out, Think Ahead, which looks at the life on rural roads and how best to stay safe.

Mayor Quilliam said the campaign is a response to concerns from the community about road kill. Together with Circular Head Community Road Safety Partnership Program the campaign will remind drivers of rural conditions.

“However, rather than focusing on this one area, the intention was to also look at other hazards on our roads, such as milk tankers, cattle, ATVs, school buses, tractors and more.”

He said the campaign included brochures and bumper stickers, which would be reinforced with road safety messages and banners.

“At the end of the day this is all about raising awareness on our roads and getting people to drive to the conditions.

“Look Out, Think Ahead was chosen as the campaign name, because of the connection to Council’s Look Out For Your Mates campaign, which was highly successful in reducing risk taking behaviour in our community such as speed, inattention, not wearing seat belts and drink driving.”

As part of the campaign, forms from the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program are available from Circular Head Council to assist with the reporting of any devils killed on Tasmanian roads.

The campaign is supported by the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources through the Circular Head Community Road Safety Partnership Program and the Circular Head Chronicle.


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