LGAT meeting

Update. Circular Head Council’s stance on land hand-backs was not supported by other councils in the state at the Local Government Association of Tasmania meeting last Wednesday.

The council put forth a motion asking the state government not to proceed with land hand-backs or dual naming without consulting local communities first.

Rationale included concerns of potential discrimination and mismanagement.

“As a council, we’ll still be talking to the government [about it],” Mayor Daryl Quilliam said. “It just would have been nice to get the support of the rest of the councils in the state.”

Other matters discussed at the meeting included council reforms and elections, with Cr Quilliam re-elected as association vice president for the third year running.

In addition, Cr Quilliam will hold the role of acting president until the presidential by-election in September, in which he is up for candidacy.

Of the reforms and sharing resources, Cr Quilliam said: “I think it’s become plainly obvious that we’ll be sharing services with other councils to be more efficient and get better outcomes for our district.”


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