Left gift buying late?

Retail. Four sleeps until the big man in red does what he does best.

Four sleeps until the family gathers for a day filled with joy: there’ll be food, drink, merriment and likely some present opening.

There are some people who start buying their Christmas presents at the previous year’s Boxing Day bargains, others who let Easter pass first and perhaps wait for the end of financial year sales. Then there are those who live in the moment and have left theirs perhaps a little late.

That’s where the Smithton Retail Group, partnering up with Why Leave Town, is at your service: offering a gift card that acts as an EFTPOS card to be spent in any number of local shops, for services rendered and with a one year expiry.

The Circular Head Gift Card can be purchased in store at {noun} a place for things, Lizzy’s This ’n’ That, Circular Head Office Supplies, Hingston Showcase Jewellers, WT House Betta Home Living or Stanley Hotel.

The local gift card may just be your lifeline this season, so visit one of the participating stores now.

To find out more go to www.whyleavetown.com/circularhead or follow Circular Head Gift Card on Facebook or Instagram.


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