Kids made it market

Trowutta Community Centre Kids Club coordinator Alicia Sweetman (right) with some of the children and their homemade items that will be up for grabs this Sunday.

Community. This Sunday the Trowutta Community Centre Kids Club will be holding a kids made it market to raise funds for the makers themselves.

TCCKC coordinator Alicia Sweetman said she is proud of what the children have achieved. “I’m very proud of them because they made everything themselves,” she said. “I’ve told them they get to choose to spend their money on whatever they want for the kids club.” She said they have suggested new play equipment.

Mrs Sweetman said the children have enjoyed making everything from tie-dye pillows and pictures to heat packs and lucky dips. She said they will do face painting, have a jumping castle and will bake cakes and other delights this Friday night, ready for the stall.

Mrs Sweetman said she is overwhelmed with the children’s enthusiasm. “I’ve found from this market they’re doing more because they’re doing it themselves and they’re appreciating it more because they’re doing it themselves.”

The TCCKC market will be held from 11am to 3pm this Sunday at the Trowutta Recreation Centre. There will be a barbecue and other hot food available as well as stalls, 15-minute massages, the Lions Club train and other entertainment for the kids.

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