Keeping it rustic

Smithton High School hospitality students Kyron Heathorn, 17, Lewis Park, 16, Dakota Marthick, 16, Emma Gale, 17, Nikita Coulson, 17, Monique Kidman, 17, and Jade Taylor, 16, are enjoying new facilities at Southside as part of the recent redevelopment. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

Skills. Drop into the Rustic Duck Cafe to experience the class of Smithton High School’s hospitality students. 

The Certificate II in Hospitality and Certificate II in Kitchen Operations classes operate the cafe each Monday offering breakfasts, lunches or a place to stop by for a quick cappuccino.

Smithton High School hospitality coordinator Kim Muller says the recent addition of specialised facilities allows students to experience working in a real-life environment. 

“It is now set up like a commercial kitchen using commercial equipment so it’s setting students up for when they go out into the workforce,” she says. 

“They’re training for real life workplace operations.” 

Previously students worked out of an inadequate kitchen at Southside. 

Smithton High School demolished its Southside building in June and as part of the campus upgrades extended the Trade Training Centre to include two new classrooms, a student common room area, and specialised kitchen, the home of the Rustic Duck Cafe. 

Catering for staff and students and welcoming community members, hospitality students spend each Monday preparing and delivering tasty meals for customers as well as completing theoretical assignments and units throughout the remainder of the week.  

The classes also collaborate with the Paddock to Plate initiative utilising fresh produce from the school vegetable patch.

Mrs Muller says students are already benefiting from the new addition to the school campus and gaining experience in front of house and kitchen operations procedures. 

“It’s a much better learning environment,” she says.

“It also gives students an idea of what is expected in the workforce, and the standards they’ll be expected to work to.” 

The class catered for those attending a review into regional, rural and remote education practices in Smithton on Tuesday.

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