Juniors: we need you

Football. CHFA president Buck Benson has dismissed rumours of the junior competition folding, but is stressing the need for more young players in the upcoming season.

Benson said players were “needed desperately” to maintain a strong competition for all clubs involved, with several factors leading to a shortage of junior players within some sides.

He added the league was very conscious of the health and well-being of young players transitioning over from AusKick, supplying protective helmets to all clubs to encourage safe play.

“Some of them are very small coming up to U/14 level,” he said. “I’d like to see all younger kids coming up to U/14s wearing these helmets.”

The idea of placing players in zones to match them with similar heights and ages was also discussed in the upcoming season, however Benson said the initiative would not yet be put in place.

“We feel they’re stepping up to the plate, they need to be taught the right ways of the game,” he said.

“We make sure we try to appoint good coaches and good umpires to teach them the right rules.”

Benson highlighted Trowutta City and Forest Stanley as the clubs most in need of young players.



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