Juniors’ future concern

Football. Smithton Auskick co-ordinator Craig ‘Fred’ Perry is calling for an open discussion of the junior system currently in place in the Circular Head region, worried that the kids playing the game are stepping up to higher grades too early.

Perry is welcoming all interested parties to a meeting next Wednesday in the hope of generating a renewed interest in player development from a young age, raising the possibility of a more “structured” system for juniors.

“Kids coming up too early don’t get a fair run… [some] young kids are playing out of their depth in the under 14 and under 17 teams,” he said.

“At the end of the day, I understand that it’s the parent’s decision as to whether the kids play or not. I’m just looking at the best interest of the kids.”

And he is confident that if young children are “able to play in their own age group”, they will reap the rewards if they choose to continue footballing pursuits.

“They [the league] are going to get better kids that are more prepared [to play football], mentally and physically,” he said.

Circular Head Football Association president Buck Benson said the league was “open to any conversation about junior development” in the area, adding that several ideas had been looked at regarding the future of the junior competition.

“We’ve previously looked at bringing in [position] zones, so that kids aren’t playing on someone who is double their size,” he said.

What: To discuss the future direction of junior football in Circular Head.

When: Wednesday February 19, 7pm.

Where: Tall Timbers

For more information contact Craig Perry on 0407 817 475.


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