Jolly endeavour

Rural Health Tasmania’s Joanna Jolly will lose her locks for the World’s Greatest Shave this weekend. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

Appeal. Inspired by the strength of others, Joanna Jolly will take part in the World’s Greatest Shave this weekend.

The Smithton local says she wants to make others aware of the support services available to those affected by a diagnosis.

Hoping to fundraise $1500, Joanna has been overwhelmed by the support in reaching $1200 so far. 

“The kindness, generosity and willingness for people to get involved is overwhelming and I am honoured to be surrounded by those with compassion, empathy and understanding as well as having a deep passion for supporting others,” Joanna said.

“To me the shave symbolises and represents the strength those with a cancer diagnosis and their families possess.

“Once I announced my decision, I was asked if I’d like to get a cute pixie-cut instead. To me, this doesn’t fully represent the respect I have for those who suffer daily and experience fear, anxiety, anger and the unknown. They don’t get to choose a cute pixie cut or what season it is. That is why I am doing this, out of respect and encouragement.”

Joanna will surrender her locks this Saturday, surrounded by friends, family and her colleagues at Rural Health Tasmania.
“Cancer has negatively impacted or taken the lives of too many to people close to my heart,” she said of her motivation to take part.

“There are two people in particular who sparked my decision to be brave and shave. Chris, who made it to remission, and Robbie, who passed away after a long and tiring journey with this awful disease.”

Working at Rural Health Tasmania, Joanna has seen the positive impact the local organisation and national organisations, such as the Cancer Council, have had in supporting families however many still suffer in silence, she says.

“For the person sitting at home feeling alone and experiencing a cocktail of emotions – ranging from hope to fear to anger – I want you to know I’m doing this for you. Please understand, that there are those around you who care and want to have a positive impact on you and your journey.”

To donate to the cause, visit and sponsor Joanna Jolly.

If you or someone you know is in need of support contact Rural Health Tasmania on 6452 1266.

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