Johnston keeps on sizzling

Peter Johnston with two new first place trophies for the collection. Picture: Jelena Potpara.

Meat. Johnston Gourmet Meats has done it again.

This time at the 2013 Tasmanian Sausage King competition.

Owner Peter Johnston took first place in the regional category for Australian Lamb/Open Class with his lamb, feta, shallot and pumpkin sausage; Poultry for his turkey, pumpkin, apricot and chive snag; and Gourmet Open Class for his Greek lamb variety.

The Smithton butcher also took third place for his Traditional Australian Pork sausage.

Mr Johnston then went on to take the state win in two of those categories: Australian Lamb/Open Class and Poultry. As well as second place for his Greek lamb snag.

He will now compete in the National Sausage King Finals in New South Wales in 2014.

If Mr Johnston wins the 2014 national title, he will go into the Australian Meat Industry Council’s Hall of Fame, having won three national titles. Earlier this year, Mr Johnston’s Australian pork sausage was deemed the nation’s best.

Mr Johnston said he is humbled and proud of his success, and he loves what he does.

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