It’s all about the service!

Customers. Chris and Pip Gray have owned All Wheel Services for the past six years, and in that time they have helped locals and visitors with their car needs with a drive that comes from enjoying what they do.

“I’m passionate about your car,” says Chris. “If you like your car and want to look after it I can share that passion with you.”

As winter dawns on us this week, Chris urges drivers to ensure they have their vehicles in top condition.

“Everything from servicing, batteries, tyres, brakes, lights and wipers are all safety aspects.”

Chris says the latest in diagnostic tools are a “mechanic’s best friend”.

“Motor vehicles are a different machine to what they were 20 years ago and now contain a lot of computer technology.

“Diagnostic tools can be plugged into your car and will steer a mechanic to what’s wrong. In addition to diagnostics, our scan tool can, for example, operate the door locks, electric windows, ignition and transmission.

“The next generation of mechanics will need additional skill sets to enable them to work with this rapidly changing technology.”

But Chris says, “they’ve also got to be able to go to work and enjoy what they’re doing. If you look at most successful people, they have a passion for what they do. Every day is different – you have to love motor vehicles.”

To chat to the Grays and their staff about your vehicle, contact All Wheel Services on 6452 1078 or phone 0427 521 072 for after hours breakdowns.

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