Irishtown runners up in state final

[Back] Marlene Dixon, Sonny Quilliam, Phillip Hughes, Frank Shreeve, [Front] Janie Leale, Tony Howard, Jenny Howard and Margaret Denmead.

Bowls. The Irishtown division three indoor bowls team journeyed to Devonport on Sunday to play Latrobe in the winner-takes-all state grand final.

Unfortunately for Irishtown and Circular Head Bowls, the finals win wasn’t to be.

Jenny Howard, Phillip Hughes, Margaret Denmead and Frank Shreeve were successful by eight shots on their mat. While Tony Howard, Sonny Quilliam, Marlene Dixon and Janie Leale weren’t so lucky.

The game was well contested with Latrobe worthy winners with an eight-shot margin.

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