Intricate movement

Inpulse Dance and Fitness students took part in an advanced skill workshop with Acrobatic Dance Association founder Stacy Mitchell on Saturday. Pictures: Ashleigh Force.

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Skill. Inpulse Dance and Fitness students are broadening their repertoire.

The studio hosted Acrobatic Dance Association founder Stacy Mitchell for a weekend of workshops and exams recently.

With more than four decades of experience, Stacy travels the country to teach the acrobatic dance syllabus.

On Saturday, students completed exams for Stacy to adjudicate and received outstanding feedback.

“I have the philosophy that exams are only that moment in time,” says Stacy.

“But it does give your students something to focus on. Acrobatics is so specific, you can either do it or you can’t, so I find that the exams give you that little bit of focus to achieve those skills.”

On Sunday, students returned for hour-long advanced, intermediate and beginners workshops.

“It does give you a buzz! It’s a very technical style,” says Stacy, of the feeling of achievement.

Sharing her knowledge and new movements with students, she also took teachers Trudi Hine and Sue Thrower as well as Taya Schuuring through advanced training.

“Acrobatics is a massive part of the dance world now,” says studio owner Trudi.

“It’s a huge dance element but it’s an added element to their dancing.

“We have been blown away. Some kids when they started couldn’t even do a bend-back, now they’re doing walkovers, aerials – the progression in 18 months has surpassed what we ever expected.”

Behind this progress is a lot of hard work and time spent perfect fluent movements.

“The kids have to be willing to work at home, they have to be stretching constantly, they have to be working on the basic skills . . . in order for them to progress onto the next stage.

“Each skill leads into another development, once they have the basics it’s endless where they can go.”

Trudi says she plans to have Stacy return and continue to share her acrobatics skills.

Katie Everett performs with purpose and perfection for expert Stacy Mitchell.

The Acrobatic Dance Association founder assists Amelia Dixon with a bend-back.

Kaylah Bishop extends her movement.

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