Inspired by women

Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation’s Yvette Bucky, Maree McMullen, Kristy Ollington, Bev Blakemore, Kelly Burke, Camilla Woolley, Adele Hugo and Joanna Carson will share in storytelling and cultural activities at Trawmanna as part of NAIDOC Week, following the theme ‘Because of Her, We Can!’. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

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Culture. Following the theme ‘Because of Her, We Can!’ community members will join to commemorate NAIDOC Week.

National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee Week (July 8-15) is an annual celebration of the culture and history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation will host various cultural activities throughout the week, starting off with a flag raising ceremony on Monday (July 9) at the King Street community centre from 9am followed by Circular Head Council from 11am.

This year’s theme pays tribute to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women who have shaped the community on a local, state and national level as well as those who continue to play significant roles.

Known as mothers, grandmothers, elders, sisters and daughters, the theme focuses on pioneering women such as Barangaroo, Truganini, Gladys Elphick, Fannie Cochrane-Smith, Evelyn Scott, Pearl Gibbs to name a few.

An event will be held at Trawmanna, Mella Road next Thursday (July 12) from 10am to 2pm where community members will have the opportunity to listen to the stories and successes of local women who have helped shape Circular Head and Tasmania.

The event is free and will feature cultural activities for all age groups as well as traditional food, a smoking ceremony and live performances.

For more information, contact CHAC on 6452 1287 or visit the King Street organisation.

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