Infrastructure investment package

Liberal. The state government has announced a $1.1 billion investment in road and rail upgrades as part of its 2018-19 budget. 

Released today, Thursday June 14, the state budget includes $24.1 million for road upgrades in the north west and west coast regions. 

The Bass Highway is among areas of focus including rebuilding works at Brittons Swamp and the installation of overtaking lanes between Smithton and Wynyard. 

“We know that better roads save lives and reduce the impact of serious crashes as well as increase productivity and liveability as commuters travel more efficiently,” Minister for Infrastructure Jeremy Rockliff said.

“These announcements are in addition to the Federal Government’s commitment to provide $400 million for roads of strategic importance upgrades and highlights what can be achieved by two Liberal governments working cooperatively together to deliver for Braddon.”

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