In search of a leader

Smithton Scouts (from left) Zander Phillpot, 9, Jed Spinks, 8, Jayden Charles, 8, Sophie Britton, 10, Scarlett Beech-Jones, 10 and James Hampson, 8, with leaders Malcolm Joyce and Shaun Kingston are on the look out for a new leader. Picture: Ashleigh Force. 

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Opportunity. In days filled with intrigue and adventure, the Smithton Scouts are now on the hunt for a new Joey leader.

The local Scouts branch caters for all ages from Joey, Cub, Scout, Venturer and Rover and currently has more than 60 members within its ranks.

The youngest of the bunch, the Joeys are in need of a motivated, encouraging and adventurous new leader to guide them on their way.

Open to children aged between five and eight, Joeys meet weekly for an hour of fun and activities such as games, crafts, stories and cooking.

Without a leader for the moment, Joeys have joined with their older counterparts Cubs for the time being.

“It’s very rewarding,” says Smithton Scout leader Trevor Kingston. “Testing at times, but it is thoroughly enjoyable to teach kids and watch as they learn.”

Often venturing out of their comfort zone, a Joey will make lifelong friends, create lasting memories and push themselves to reach their greatest potential under the right leader.

“You see some kids who are scared of the dark when they first join,” says leader Shaun Kingston. “By the end of a weekend camping in the bush, they’ll be the last one to want to leave!”

To find out more, contact Shaun Kingston on 0400 177 132 or Maree Kingston on 0459 020 940.

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