Howzat for longevity

Ross Arnold’s batting and David Woodward’s bowling contributed to their Over 60s side at Seniors Cricket Australia’s 10th annual National Championship in Hobart recently. Graeme Crole (inset) also took part for his 10th year in a row. Picture: Ashleigh Force. 

Tournament. Local cricketers Graeme Crole, Ross Arnold and David Woodward say age is just a number.

Travelling to Hobart in November to take part in Seniors Cricket Australia’s National Championship, Arnold and Woodward represented Tasmania in the Over 60s side while Crole played for the O/70s.

In its 10th year, Crole prides himself on attending all 10 championships.

“I was one of originals, I’ve played every year since,” he said.

“There are only four people from Tassie who have been every time.”

Crole was invited to play in the competition in its early days through his connection to a Launceston club.

“There were only four teams playing in the competition then, that was in 2006,” he said. “They’ve grown now, when I played in Launceston in 2009 there was 16 teams. This year in Hobart there were 36 teams. It’s certainly grown.”

Having enjoyed meeting fellow cricketers from across the country, Crole said he most enjoys the camaraderie.

“I always enjoy playing and the fellowship – all the people you meet.”

Arnold has participated for the past five years and Woodward for the past three, complementing each other well with Arnold’s batting and Woodward’s bowling.

“I hit six sixes for the week,” Arnold said. “I was hitting them over the fence!

“My batting [total] was 110 for the week, so I was happy with that – that’s the best I’ve done in seniors cricket.”

Arnold’s batting earned him two ‘Man of the Match’ awards for his 38 retired not out in the game against New South Wales, and 47 against South Australia.

“I was disappointed I didn’t get my 50,” he said. A feat hard to accomplish at senior level with rules requiring a batsmen to retire at 35 runs.

Woodward said he became involved in the Seniors Cricket Australia tournament when Arnold suggested the program.

“I love it . . . I’ve always played over the years. I think it’s great at our age if you can be fit and healthy enough [to play],” he said, joking that it did take did a week following the competition to recover.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Woodward said. “You don’t know what you’re missing out on. You meet people from all over the place.”

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