Honess-tly Kelly!

Kelly Honess is training to swim from Stanley to Smithton on Australia Day next year in a fundraising effort for the Circular Head Community Wellbeing Centre. Picture: Ashleigh Force. 

Determined. Some may say she’s mad, but Kelly Honess will go to great lengths to see Circular Head receive a new swimming pool.

The local athlete will swim from Stanley to Smithton early next year in a fundraising effort for the Circular Head Community Wellbeing Centre.

With a target of $10,000 in mind, Honess says she’d love to exceed this.

“I’d be happy with $50,000, whatever we can raise would be great!”

Suggesting locals can sponsor Honess for every kilometre she completes throughout the journey, the Smithton mum welcomed further fundraising ideas and support.

Honess jokingly offered the fundraising appeal at a committee meeting before seriously considering the challenge.

“I thought, hang on, I could do that!”

And with several triathlons in her calendar in the coming months, training won’t be an issue for Honess who will complete the Murray Quad on Saturday November 19.

Starting at Yarrawonga, Victoria the quadrathlon follows the Murray River and includes a 3.2 kilometre swim, 21.1km run, 91.4km ride and 25km paddle before finishing at Tocumwal, New South Wales.

Honess will back up this performance with the Spartan Trifecta to be held in Bright, Victoria on November 25-27.

“It’s basically three days of getting muddy and running over obstacles,” Honess said.

Starting with a 7km course, the event gets progressively harder as the three-day challenge wears on, with 14 kilometres of obstacles on day two before finishing the third and final day with a 21 kilometre course comprising 27 obstacles.

Two days’ break and then Honess flies to Perth, Western Australia where she will complete an Ironman while assisting legally blind Casey Hyde through the 3.6km swim, 180km ride, and 42km run.

Tethered at the ankle, Honess will guide Hyde during the swim and running stages using body motions and verbal instructions and will complete the cycle on a tandem bike.

The pair, who met 12 months ago through a mutual friend, have not ran together before but have completed half a dozen rides and one swim.

Amongst these events, Honess will also complete Tasmanian challenges before the fundraising swim.

Flanked by fishermen in dinghies and kayakers, Honess will mark Australia Day 2017 by kicking off at 7am on Thursday January 26 on the western side of the Green Hills at Stanley.

Expecting to complete the journey within 12 hours, Honess will arrive in Duck Bay late afternoon where the ‘Twilight on the Duck’ celebrations will welcome her home.

Depending on the tide and weather conditions on the day, Honess expects the swim to be between 17 and 26 kilometres.

“I’ll be pushing the tide coming in, so I think that will be my biggest challenge,” she says.

Welcoming kayakers and boaters or even swimmers if they’re keen and able to join, Honess says the more the merrier.

The swim will begin west of Stanley for safety reasons and an ultrasonic scanner will accompany Honess throughout the journey.

“[Sharks] are more likely to go for a fat seal that a splashing human,” Honess says, “Well hopefully!”

Honess wished to thank Jon Woods, Judi Leale and Scott Bryan Fitness for their continuous motivation, and her family for their everlasting support.


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