History wanted, bar none

The Bay View Guesthouse as it stands today, formerly the Bay View Hotel from 1847 to 1972.

Retrieval. A Stanley business is putting a call-out to the public in the hope of recovering any items that embodied its predecessors’ rich 125-year history.

The Bay View Hotel – now the Bay View Guesthouse – first opened its doors on Alexander Terrace in 1847, eventually closing due to licensing issues and pouring its last beer on June 30, 1972.

Now, current owners Sandy and Stuart Parker are eager to rediscover stories or objects from past patrons and redecorate the walls with hotel memorabilia.

“We’ve noticed a lot of locals coming up with stories, which was really got us thinking about trying to get a lot of history back to the building,” Mrs Parker said.

“Before too many generations pass on, we’d like to get something back, jog people’s memories.”

The couple are believed to be only the fifth owners of the business, which was built by the grandfather of Tasmania’s only Prime Minister to date, Joe Lyons.

Ewan Trennery was the owner when the property finished trading as a hotel; his family also owning the Union Hotel down the road.

A local all her life, Mrs Parker said she had found several photos through her own research along with some old photos from residents, with ancestors of the hotel’s owners helping to piece together the history puzzle.

“The family of Ewan Trennery had a really good look around – it made a lot of sense once they explained how the old building was,” she said.

“Everything in the Bayview was stripped of value [at the time], there’s just nothing left. We’re hoping to appeal to Stanley members, anyone who worked there or had parties there.”

For more information, contact the Bay View Guesthouse on 0439 690 389.


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