History for the future

Circular Head Heritage Centre volunteers Georgina Laan and Elayne Blake are calling on passionate locals to join them for a meeting to discuss new possibilities for the preservation of the past. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

Vision. A meeting will be held next month to discuss the future of the Circular Head Heritage Centre.

The museum in King Street, Smithton was closed indefinitely in May last year due to building hazards which were deemed unsafe for visitors.

During this time, the museum’s collection which holds more than 5000 artefacts and 10,000 photographs, films and slides, has been maintained by a small number of volunteers.

This meeting will look to re-establish a committee and make a plan for the future of the museum.

“We don’t want to close,” says Circular Head Heritage Centre committee chair Georgina Laan.

“This meeting is about where we are going, our future direction.

“This needs to be community driven and about what our community wants.”

Volunteer Elayne Blake called on fellow locals to have their say.

“We’re a small band of dedicated volunteers who are calling on [others] who are passionate about the history of the Circular Head area to be present and put forth ideas for the future of the preservation of our past.”

The pair say the re-establishment of a committee is the first step toward opening the museum to the public again.

“This building is a part of our history in itself, it is 110 years old,” says Elayne.

“But we’ve had minimal maintenance to the building and that is now threatening the collection.”

Remaining open to any solutions or suggestions, a possible change in location will be discussed at the meeting, says Elayne.

“We need as many people as we can to come along who are interested in the history of Circular Head and looking after the collection,” says Georgina.

A meeting will be held at Circular Head Council on Tuesday October 3 from 5.30pm.


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