Heritage Centre

Update. Circular Head Heritage Centre will establish a management committee next week.

This follows a community meeting held last week to determine the future of the museum after the King Street, Smithton premises was closed indefinitely in May last year due to potential building hazards.

The meeting received support from various community groups including Stanley Discovery Centre, Stanley Visitors Centre, Circular Head Progress Group, Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation, Circular Head Historical Machinery Group, Circular Head Men’s Shed and past and present volunteers as well as interested community members.

“There was a clear indication for collaboration between various groups and individuals,” says current Circular Head Heritage Centre committee chair Georgina Laan.

“From my perspective there was a consensus that the museum and its collection must not be lost to the community.”

At the meeting key issues plaguing the museum were discussed such as the lack of a working committee, sustainability of volunteers and suitability and safety of the current building.

“Whilst there is a commitment from current volunteers who are still working on an ad hoc basis within the museum, the overall management of the museum needs to come from a strong committee of people.”

A meeting will be held on Tuesday October 17 from 5.30pm at Circular Head Council where nominations for a new management committee will be accepted. For more information contact Georgina Laan on 0408 128 609.