Healthy, happy minds

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Education. Forest Primary School students will tell you how important it is to eat a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Grade one and two students recently took part in Woolworths’ Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tour to learn about the produce process from paddock to plate.

Touring the aisles, students found out about seasonal fruits and vegetables, sustainability and waste reduction, and why young bodies and minds need real fuel.

“We’re learning about where our food comes from as well as healthy eating,” said teacher Blane Wright.

“Students are learning that this is the section they need to bring their parents to,” for a balanced lunchbox.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics National Health Survey 2014-15 shows almost 95 per cent of Australian children struggle to meet their recommended intake of fruit and vegetables. The Discovery Tours are designed to make it easier for students to get acquainted with their greens.

“The Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours are designed to inspire our next generation of Aussie kids to make smart and fresh food choices in an environment that they will be familiar with,” said Aaron Duthoit, Woolworths Smithton and Wynyard group manager.  

“We’ve worked with nutritionists, educators and even a fruit and veg scientist to put together the program for our Discovery Tours to ensure real learning outcomes are achieved for each age group.

“Play is a key part of learning and we have quiz cards and sticker activity books to help extend the discussions back to the classroom and the home.”

On the tours, students have the opportunity to discover and try new fruit and vegetables, learn how and where they grow, understand the benefits of eating a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables and learn through a full sensory experience.

Following the tour, students tested out their new-found knowledge to cook up omelettes with donated ingredients at Smithton High School.

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