Headstone restoration

The cracked headstone of Ann (formerly Poke) and William Lucas, at Forest.

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Project. A local descendant is seeking to restore the headstone of Ann (formerly Poke) and William Lucas.

Allison Smith has started a fundraising campaign to reinstate the headstone, currently broken into at least four pieces and laying on the ground at the old Fords Road Cemetery at Forest.

Approaching Dunn Stone Industries in Launceston, Allison has been quoted approximately $3000 to $3500 to have the headstone restored.

“Ann has many descendants and I hope that as many as possible are able to contribute a small amount each to assist with raising the money to have the headstone restored,” Allison says of the project.

“A few of her other descendants have already indicated they are willing to contribute to the fundraising and I am now asking the wider family if they are able to assist.”

Descendants of the following people who are in a position to donate are encouraged to make contact.

Ann (nee Siggs) married John Poke and had six surviving children:

• John Poke married Mary Anne Gale and Sarah Annie Burlie

• Marthann Poke married James Gale

• Luke Poke married Elizabeth Withnell

• Charlotte Poke married David Blizzard

• William Poke married Jane Ollington

• Jabez Poke married Jane Bassett

After John Poke died, Ann remarried William Lucas and had three surviving children:

• James Lucas married Mary Charlotte Gardner

• Albert Lucas married Emily Ann Hill

• Mary Louisa Lucas married William Ollington

Funds can be deposited into a bank account specifically opened for this purpose with an independent auditor monitoring transactions.

For more information contact Allison Smith on 0417 688 820 or allisonsmith0406@gmail.com.


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