Happy campers

Donation. The kindness of a caretaker and his wife has not gone unnoticed in the community, with many thanking the couple for their efforts.

Roy “Buster” and Bev Hardy run the Montagu campground, winning people over with their fun-filled fundraisers that help local causes, most recently raising more than $3200 for Emmerton Park.

The money will be used to purchase new equipment, including wheelchairs and over bed tables.

“My husband had retired, then he got sick of being retired, this job came up in the Chronicle, this was six years ago.

“I’m only on the support team as far as that goes, he’s the caretaker.”

Living at the campground six months of the year and at Christmas Hills for the remainder, Bev says they love the lifestyle.

“It’s very social, you meet some lovely people.”

On Australia Day the campground turns on the festivities, with old fashioned fun including egg and spoon and sack races, decorated bikes and sausage sizzles.

“Parks and Wildlife were really good (over summer), Emma the lass from Parks and Wildlife came four or five times and she really entertained the kids and showed them a lot of interesting things on the seashore.”

Keeping the campers happy is easy with progressive dinners, where each camp serves up a different course of the meal. Spud night is hugely popular, as are the regular raffles.

“We get some fantastic help from a few of the locals,” Bev says.

“Sometimes it’s wine, sometimes fish, it’s all sorts of things: things that campers need and want and like.

“We usually fundraise for Emmerton Park every year. We have a lot of fun, people really enjoy getting together and meeting other campers.

“I think we’ve got a very happy atmosphere at the ground, everyone seems to get on well.”

Community volunteering has been a way of life for these two, who are life members of the Trowutta Football Club and have always enjoyed being involved.


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